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La Rochelle

We’re back in our favorite city, La Rochelle. We love this place and find that we enjoy it more every time we’re here (this is our fourth visit). This time the weather is working to dissuade us, but it won’t … Continue reading

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Last week, when we stayed in Cahors, we took a day and drove to the small town of Moissac. Moissac is a nice town with one beautiful “must-see:” the cloisters of an old monastery. I’m finally getting around to posting … Continue reading

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La France est compliquée!

Life can be complicated here, even in simple things. When I say that to people who have lived here a long time, I sometimes get some pushback: “No, it’s not that bad. Not so complicated. Used to be worse,” etc. … Continue reading

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An Amble West of Cahors

We found a suggested route to the small towns on the Tarn River west of Cahors, so off we went. I’ve mentioned that we like bridges; here’s an old suspension bridge across the Tarn River. See, nothing very special on … Continue reading

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To wrap up our first ramble, we went to the town of Cahors. There’s nothing particularly enticing about Cahors, but it is a good place to see some local sights. Yet, Cahors itself has some charms, among them, wine made … Continue reading

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An Amble Around Monpazier

Monpazier sits in the Lot River valley, a beautiful area. Most Americans visiting France keep themselves to the Paris area, or maybe Nice, on the Mediterranean coast. These are big cities, and so those tourists never see and enjoy rural … Continue reading

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Eight years ago we came to Monpazier and have wanted to return ever since. We were able to arrange it this year and we are so glad we did. This is an amazing town, with quite a history, situated in the … Continue reading

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Fronsac and Le Clos D’Iris

From Bordeaux, we drove to Fronsac. Now, Fronsac is not exactly a world-famous destination; with a population of about 300, it hasn’t exactly made a name for itself. But Fronsac has something that makes it worthwhile for any visitor to … Continue reading

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Ramble #1, Part 2

After we left Bordeaux, we drove to the rather smallish town of Fronsac (population: 300). Fronsac is near the famous wine-growing region of St. Emilion, home of some of the finest (and highest priced) wines in the world. Here we … Continue reading

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Ramble #1, Part 1

We’ve been on a ramble for the last week, and I’ve been remiss in posting about it. The first week has been in the Bordeaux region: two days in the Pauillac area, two days in Bordeaux itself, and two days … Continue reading

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