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Zamora – Part 3

Santa Semana The week before Easter is a big deal in Spain. No, let me correct that: a huge deal in Spain. In many cities and towns little else happens during Holy Week except Holy Week activities. Seville is said … Continue reading

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Zamora – Part 2

We were in Zamora for three days and think it might be our favorite place in Spain. The old city of Zamora (casco antiguo), in which our hotel was located, is the most fascinating place. Within easy walking distance of … Continue reading

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Back in Spain

We came from Saint-Jean-de-Luz in France yesterday to Zamora, Spain. Now, I know I owe you posts on some day-trips we took last week, and one on Saint-Jean-de-Luz (“appalling” might sum it up), but our return to Spain has been … Continue reading

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On the boat ride described in the Dinan post, I showed some pictures of Léhon, which we passed on the ride. The town, especially the abby there, intrigued us and so the next day, we took the 20-minute walk from … Continue reading

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Another of our favorite places is Dinan, in the northern part of Brittany. We came here two years ago and just loved it. Dinan is a medieval city, with walls and towers and many buildings looking just as they did … Continue reading

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La Rochelle

This is the fifth time we’ve visited La Rochelle and it confirmed for us that this place is one of our favorite places in the world (except maybe that first night: ). La Rochelle is quite a historic city, with … Continue reading

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La Rochelle Part 1: Fine Gourmet Dining

This is our fifth stay in La Rochelle. One thing we realized almost immediately on our first stay is that La Rochelle is devoted to seafood. It’s on the Atlantic, and has a long history of being a home for … Continue reading

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