On the boat ride described in the Dinan post, I showed some pictures of Léhon, which we passed on the ride. The town, especially the abby there, intrigued us and so the next day, we took the 20-minute walk from our hotel to Léhon. We found the abby, walked around it and the town, then walked along the Rance river back to Dinan.

Abbaye St. Magliore

The Abbaye of Saint Magliore was founded in the 12th century and survived until the French Revolution (1789). Since then it has gone through several lives and now survives as the church, where services are still held (occasionally) and a conference/exhibition center, using the other buildings that were part of the Abbaye. We found it to be a beautiful and peaceful place and were glad that we’d seen it the day before and made the effort to visit it.

Stained glass window behind the altar at St. Magliore
Gotta love it: this stone honoring someone was placed in the church in 1611.
Stair decoration.
Decoration on a railing honoring Charles of Blois, whoever he was.
Cloisters – we love ’em. This one has no roof, but is still beautiful to us.
More cloisters.
St. Magliore and its sunflowers.
This wall houses the refectory (dining room) of the Abbaye. It is unusual in that it has many windows; refectories were often windowless.
Inside the Refectory with its windows. This is a beautiful room.
Remember the bridge we saw on our boat ride? Here it is again.
The “main street” of Léhon.

We see this a lot: campers (called caravans here) with all that’s needed for any opportunity. Find a nice place to picque-nique? Pull out the table, the chairs and you are ready!

French camping: bring a table andchairs so you’ll be able to have a picque-nique anywhere.

All in all, a very pleasant day!

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  1. Susan says:

    Ah, the joys of discovery. It looks just beautiful. Smoke from wildfires is plaguing our area. Thick haze in the sky.

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