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Château Courances

France has a lot of châteaux – a LOT of châteaux. Although the best known are in the Loire Valley, there are beautiful châteaux everywhere around us; yesterday we visited Courances, a Renaissance château best known for its beautiful water … Continue reading

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Boat Name

Now, maybe it’s just that I don’t understand how a person names his or her boat, but it certainly seems to me that the owner of this boat could have chosen a better name…

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Les Fromions

French has a phrase for a geographical area so small that it may not even be inhabited: lieu-dit. Driving on back roads of France you’ll see hundreds of signs for lieux-dits, places that might have a house or two, or might just be … Continue reading

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La Ferté Alais Airshow

Warning: airplane geekiness ahead. If airplanes hold no interest for you, you might just want to skip this post. Two years ago I went to the Paris Air Show – the biggest in the world. This year, Hervé Rufin invited … Continue reading

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An Afternoon Ramble

Last Saturday Gilles was set to watch an important Rugby match of his favorite team, from his hometown area of Clermont-Ferrand. Knowing that it would be a really good idea for us to be absent during the match, Mary, Laurie … Continue reading

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Our First Amble In Paris

We have a bunch of books of Paris walks, because Paris is definitely a city that rewards walkers. Heck, there’s even a French word for a person who just strolls in the city: flaneur. That’s us, a pair of flaneurs in our … Continue reading

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First Day Back In Paris

We’re in Paris for a couple days. Tuesday night we went for a stroll in our favorite part of Paris – the two islands. It’s a very nice way to start out, I must say…

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We’re in Bois-le-Roi (Forest of the King). This town of 5,500 people is about 35 minutes by train south of Paris, and is where our friends Mary and Gilles live; we’re staying at their house for a few days, until … Continue reading

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We Made It!

We are in France! Not only that, we are well-rested, having had a full night’s sleep last night (assisted slightly by a little chemical magic) and ensconced in chez Germain, Mary and Gilles beautiful house. The Plane, the Plane! First, … Continue reading

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First Post!

No, we haven’t made it to France, yet. We’re in Elmsford, NY, with the East Coast Z’s. We arrived Monday and will be here until mid-day tomorrow – Thursday, 5/14 – when we head for JFK and that Air France … Continue reading

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