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I want to keep a blog about our planned trip – how the planning goes, trials and tribulations, reports on what we’re doing and seeing when we get there. Thus…this blog.

Travel blogs seem to fall into two categories: day-by-day accounts of the blogger’s activities, or descriptions of interesting things. I like reading both, but this one will mostly be of the latter variety. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read what we do each day, since there will certainly be a lot of days like this: “Went to Carrefour today. Bought groceries. Drove around the country-side and visited yet another small village.” We may like doing that, but who’s going to want to read that every day? I sure wouldn’t.

I’ll try to include some background, historical, cultural or otherwise, on the places we think readers will be interested in. You’ll learn something, and maybe that will shed some insights as to why we like what we write about.

If you wish to contact us, you can leave a comment on any post, or email us at: john@zumsteg.us or laurie@zumsteg.us.

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