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I know I owe the blog a post on the city of Bourges, and I promise I’ll get to it, as Bourges was quite an interesting place. But…we’re in Paris for a couple days and I think I’ll throw a … Continue reading

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Ramble II – Sancerre

Next, we drove to the town of Sancerre. I doubt anyone knows of Sancerre unless they like French white wine. The region around Sancerre produces a beautiful white wine. One small part of the city proper is a bit touristy, … Continue reading

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Ramble II – Pont du Canal

Both readers of this blog know that Laurie and I are fascinated by the canals of France. Honestly, we can’t say why but we like to walk along them and we like to watch boats go through the locks. Most … Continue reading

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Ramble II – Bailley and Briare

We’re off on another ramble! Our first stop is in Bailley, where we’ll visit the caves of the local wine cooperative. This winery is known for sparkling wines – we’d call them champagnes except that a wine cannot be called a … Continue reading

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Ramble II

Last Wednesday we left, with Mary and Gilles, on a ramble toward the south. We really didn’t go too far – our return trip, which was from the farthest point south, took less than two hours to get back to … Continue reading

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Nothing Happening

We’ve just been hanging around, resting up and getting ready for our next ramble. Wednesday, we head south a bit with Mary and Gilles. We’ll spend a couple days in Briare and a couple days in Bourges. We will also … Continue reading

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Paris IV

Tuesday Laurie and I headed north to Paris for a few days. Our nephew Brian and his wife Jennifer (I guess that makes her our “niece-in-law;” is there such a word?) arrived in Paris that day for their first visit … Continue reading

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We’ve had lots of folks who wanted to come and stay with us, and it has pained us that we just don’t have enough room for everyone here in Montigny-sur-Loing. So we decided to look for a place we could … Continue reading

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Laurie’s Excellent Train Adventure

Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out here… Yesterday Laurie took the train to visit Mary for the afternoon. Now, trains here run right on schedule; we know that the trains from Paris stop at Bois-le-Roi (the … Continue reading

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Auray Craziness

If you travel around enough, you will surely encounter some things you just could not expect. The harbor of Auray gave us just that experience. We drove to Auray when we left Carnac. Mary had told us that the old … Continue reading

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