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Paris and Le Corbusier

We made our first foray into Paris this week – went in Monday morning and just returned (Wednesday afternoon). Paris is Paris; we’re always so glad to be back in the city. One motivator for coming in this time is that … Continue reading

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Today we walked in Thomery, a small town on the Seine not far from here. Last trip we’d been told that there was a beautiful walk in Thomery but we sure didn’t find it and were disappointed in the town. … Continue reading

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La Rochette

Geeze, one post after another! You’d think I had nothing better to do! This morning we continued our search for les affolantes. For those who haven’t read every word of this blog, the affolantes are houses built on the banks of … Continue reading

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Paris – Part II

We came back to Paris this week, as the weather here was forecast to be excellent. It has been that; in fact, too excellent, as the temperature is forecast to be 90 or higher today (Friday). That’s just a bit … Continue reading

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Château Courances

France has a lot of châteaux – a LOT of châteaux. Although the best known are in the Loire Valley, there are beautiful châteaux everywhere around us; yesterday we visited Courances, a Renaissance château best known for its beautiful water … Continue reading

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Our First Amble In Paris

We have a bunch of books of Paris walks, because Paris is definitely a city that rewards walkers. Heck, there’s even a French word for a person who just strolls in the city: flaneur. That’s us, a pair of flaneurs in our … Continue reading

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