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Ramble II: St. Loup-de-Naud and Provins

The weather forecast for today was promising (meaning: no rain, if also no sunshine) so we set off for a ramble to the medieval town of Provins, about an hour away. For once the forecast was accurate, and we had … Continue reading

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Brocante Nocturne

Brocante appears in the French-English dictionary translated as “bric-a-brac,” “second-hand,” and “junk.” After visiting the Montigny-sur-Loing Brocante Nocturne (“nocturne” because it went from noon to midnight), I lean toward the third of those definitions. Brocante seems to be a … Continue reading

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Ramble I

No big activities the last couple days, so I’ll just post some pictures. Moret-sur-Loing We went back to Moret-sur-Loing again. We still like the place. A Ramble Through the Countryside Can’t stop taking pictures of poppies… Some pictures in small … Continue reading

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Paris Air Show

Caution: Airplane geekiness follows! The Paris Air Show is, and has been since the first one in 1909(!), THE airshow; nothing is as big or as good. Airplane manufacturers all show their latest and greatest, and Airbus and Boeing fly … Continue reading

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Sorry, bubbly-lovers, this is not a post about a quaint village we visited to taste some of that French nectar of the gods. Champagne-sur-Seine is a small town not too far from us, with an interesting (well, to us; you … Continue reading

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Just Another Day

We’re glad it was “just another day,” as it felt like we’re getting back in the routine after our little adventure in the French healthcare system. Today started with a visit from a nurse, to change the dressing on my … Continue reading

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We’ve done most of our traveling in September, but some years ago we came to France in May and one strong memory we have of that trip was seeing the poppies in the fields. Last week, the poppies burst forth, … Continue reading

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Une Deviation…

Driving in France, the sign I dread most is “Deviation.” A deviation is a detour, and seeing a Deviation means that you’re going to go off the main road, often into narrow streets; your GPS will be confused, your maps … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 3 photos.

Today the weather turned sour again – we had a huge lightning-thunderstorm last night and woke up to clouds and cool temps and likely rain. So we decided to drive to the town of Chateau-Landon. We learned of Chateau-Landon when … Continue reading

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We made a trip into Paris today and although there were a couple minor problems, it was great to be back in our favorite city. Here’s a reason I love this city: Ya know, there just aren’t many views like … Continue reading

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