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Meeting Friends

You know how it goes trying to get together with old friends: everyone’s busy, schedules fill up, time gets short and soon, it’s been way too long since you’ve seen them. I think that situation gets to the extreme, though, … Continue reading

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Back to La Rochelle

When we were in France two years ago, we went to La Rochelle after reading Ina Caro’s chapter on this historic city in her book, “Paris to the Past.” Like her, we immediately fell in love with the place and … Continue reading

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Today’s Walk

Today, we got back to our daily walks, and it felt good to be back and active again! We went earlier than usual this morning because it’s hot, and we returned to the Seine, which we always love to walk … Continue reading

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Road trip! Whoo-hooo! Sunday we packed up the Germain-mobile and went with Mary and Gilles to Lyon, the second-biggest city in France. We probably would not have ever gone to Lyon but friends of ours were staying there for almost … Continue reading

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We Are Experiencing Technical Problems

Gotta love technology… Checked email this morning and found two odd things: first, an email from the Internet provider that serves up this blog saying the storage for this blog was 98% full. As it’s been about a third full, something … Continue reading

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Today we walked in Thomery, a small town on the Seine not far from here. Last trip we’d been told that there was a beautiful walk in Thomery but we sure didn’t find it and were disappointed in the town. … Continue reading

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A Move in the Middle of la Canicule

“La Canicule” is French for “heat wave,” and that is exactly what we’ve had. This afternoon (Saturday, July 4; oddly enough, in France July 4th is just another day) it’s about 82F with some rain and thunder showers. That’s the … Continue reading

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Il fait trop chaud!

Wednesday July 1, 2 p.m.: 97.5F and forecast to reach 101 by later this afternoon. Oy. Update: 6 p.m.: 102F. Bright spot: that’s probably as hot as it’s going to get today. Cooler tomorrow, then back to 97-98 Friday and Saturday. A … Continue reading

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