Cheese Log

2016 Cheese Log

Through June 20:
Bleu de Laqueuille
St. Nectaire
Tommes de Brebi
St. Felicien
Crottin de Chavignol
Fourme d’ambert
Brie de Meaux
…and a few others I didn’t record

2015 Cheese Log

Cheese we have eaten this year. As you might imagine, many will be repeats – particularly the first ones – as we have been waiting two years to taste our favorites again.

A note or two about cheeses here. First, the typical cheese assortment for a meal will have a cured cheese (hard, like cantal or comté), a blue (such as fourme d’ambert or roquefort), a chevre (goat cheese) and a creamy cheese (brie or camembert, for example). We try to have that assortment for every dinner, and because there are many cheeses that fall into each category, we can try different cheeses all the time. Except…we have favorites and we keep returning to them.

Second, although in the U.S. we talk about and serve cheese and crackers, the French never serve cheese with crackers. It’s cheese and  bread, period.

With that said, here’s a kind of running log of cheeses we’re having. I know I’ve missed some, because when you’re at someone’s house for dinner and they serve five or six different cheeses, it’s hard to remember them all. I will point out, though, that we haven’t yet found a cheese we don’t like.

5/17 – Not bad for two days here…
Petit Gaugry (a Epoisse-like cheese; the fromagerie did not have Epoisse, but this is made by a cheese-maker who also makes an Epoisse, and it’s very close. And stinky. And delicious.)
Roquefort-Papillon (There are different types of roquefort; this is one of them.)
Fourme d’Ambert (a blue cheese from the Auvergne region)

6/6 We’ve added..
Saint-Marcellin – went right to the top of the favorites list
Two different roqueforts
Cavignol – six crottins of differing age. The oldest was stinky! And tasty.
Brie de Melun
Brie de Meaux
Coulommieres – from the brie region, but not quite a brie

Roquefort Verniere
Tomme de Savoie
(I want to point out that these are the new cheeses we’ve tried. We keep buying the others because we like them. A lot. Generally, we have five or six cheeses floating around here.)

Tomme de Bauges

Ossau-Iraty (has become my favorite of the cured cheeses)
Pont Leveque

Well, I’ve kind of not kept this up day-by-day. Here are a few more recent cheeses:

Bleu de Saint-Augur
Tomme de Montagne

2013 Cheese Log

I’ll try to keep a log of the cheeses we’ve had.

Tomme de Montagne
Tomme de Savoie
Fourme d’Ambert
Fourme de Montbrison
Bleu de Auvergne
Bleu (generic)
Port Salut
Saint Nectaire
Pont l’Eveque
Epoisses a la bas
Brie (we’re in the middle of brie country)
Brie de Montereau
Brie de Meaux
Brie de Melun
Brie de Nangis
Chevre – several different types, including four types of Chavignol
Ossau-Iraty (Basque sheeps’ milk cheese)

There have been more; I just can’t remember the ones before I started keeping track.

Hard to say, really, but in no order, we really like:
Brie, especially Brie de Nangis
Fourme d’Ambert. You can get this in varying levels of sharpness; we like it as sharp as possible
Morbier. A soft cheese with a streak of bleu in the middle.
Cantal. Our favorite of the cured cheeses.

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