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Excitement Before We Even Leave

French air traffic controllers are going on strike this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We leave here Friday, so things may be a little difficult. We likely won’t know what’s happening until Friday morning. Travel can be such fun, especially … Continue reading

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Whoo-hooo! Grandkids!

We’re back in the good old US of A and visiting Craig and Annie and Clara and the newest Zumsteg, Henry. This is totally fun, and makes leaving France easier. Without further blather, here’re some pictures. Clara’s birthday Clara celebrated … Continue reading

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Comments off

I’ve turned comments off, as I’m getting 40-50 spam comments a day now.

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Driving a Classic

Most folks who know me know I love old cars and old airplanes; today I got up-close-and-personal with a classic French car, the Citroën 2CV. Last Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner; one couple there own a Citroën Deux-Chevaux … Continue reading

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Technical Problems Part II

This morning I ran into the same technical problems as I had in early July, so if pictures – particularly in the Venice post – are gone, bear with me. I’ll get them back, but it may take a day … Continue reading

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Everyone has something they are really good at. So far, it appears that Henry is really good at sleeping…

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First Shoes for Henry

Laurie and I went to the local bakery today to buy some treats for a celebratory gathering tonight and found these meringue shoes: We had to buy a pair. I suspect they’ll get eaten before Henry sees them.

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Now Here’s Some Real News!

Henry George Zumsteg was born to Craig and Annie this morning at 3:45, New York time. Henry weighed in at 8 lbs, 2 oz, 20 inches. No word yet as to whether he got his sister’s red hair. Mom, Dad … Continue reading

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Meeting Friends

You know how it goes trying to get together with old friends: everyone’s busy, schedules fill up, time gets short and soon, it’s been way too long since you’ve seen them. I think that situation gets to the extreme, though, … Continue reading

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Road trip! Whoo-hooo! Sunday we packed up the Germain-mobile and went with Mary and Gilles to Lyon, the second-biggest city in France. We probably would not have ever gone to Lyon but friends of ours were staying there for almost … Continue reading

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