Everyone who knows us knows these long trips are really just disguise for our very favorite activity: squeezing our grandkids! We went to Elmsford, NY first to refresh our grandkid-squeezing skills. We had just the best time with Craig and Annie and Clara and Henry. So, to get this 2018 version of our travel blog off to the right start, here are a few pictures.

Clara dressed up for her school program. Lookin’ good!

Breakfast time. I wonder what Henry is thinking…

A moment of sibling togetherness…

Another moment of togetherness.

Mom and Henry

Henry enjoying some park time.

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3 Responses to Grandkids!

  1. Susan says:

    Hi, John and Laurie – Glad to see your Word Press post! The photos of yur grandkids are wonderful.

    We are back from Japan, where the sights were wonderful, and the food was delicious.

    Continue to enjoy your trip, and I look forward to your posts!

  2. Carol Nelson says:

    This is the first day I’ve checked for a post, and here you are!! We overlapped in France for one day, but I didn’t see you anywhere. You had ducked in somewhere to eat cheese! Looking forward to more about La Belle France. Love the grandkid pix.

  3. Margaret Geffrey says:

    Finally realized I should check your blog to hear how you’re doing! Your trip was off to a great start with Clara and Henry; They, especially Henry, have really grown. Thanks for including the great pictures. I’ll be looking for more posts.

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