Back in France, 2018

Yep, we’re in France again. In fact, we’ve been here almost two weeks, having arrived Wednesday, May 16. That means that, yes, I’m way behind posting to this world-famous – well, regionally well-known – travel blog. I’ll use the excuse that I’ve been busy traveling; yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

First, our itinerary for this summer:

May 8: we left Seattle for New York.
May 9 – 15: serious grandchild-squeezing with Craig and Annie and Clara and Henry in New York. Pictures to follow, of course.
May 15: off to France. An uneventful flight after sitting at JFK airport and watching a horrendous storm pass over the airport, so bad that the airport closed for about an hour.
May 20: Off on a ramble to the Southwest of France. Pictures to follow.
May 20 – August 21: Hang around France, eat some cheese, drink some wine, see some sights, Pictures to follow.
August 21: Off to Spain for three weeks. We’ll drive from our home base in Bois-le-Roi/Samois-sur-Seine, visiting places we’ve been been to before: Zamora, Trujillo, Vejer-de-la-Frontera, Ùbeda and Segovia. Kind of a “greatest hits” tour, as these are our favorite small towns in Spain.
September 13: back to New York.
September 19: back to Seattle.

Should be fun…I hope you’ll follow along with us.

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  1. Greg Thompson says:

    Well, it’s about time!


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