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La France est compliquée!

Life can be complicated here, even in simple things. When I say that to people who have lived here a long time, I sometimes get some pushback: “No, it’s not that bad. Not so complicated. Used to be worse,” etc. … Continue reading

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Buying Food Here

Recently a friend reading the blog (that’s you, Frannie) asked us about food markets and how the French get their food, so I’ve taken some pictures and will write a bit about it in this post. Although it’s surely possible for someone … Continue reading

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Today’s Cheese Purchases

I don’t think we’ll get to all the cheeses in France, but we’re making an effort. Today: Roquefort Vernieres Reblochon Crottin de Cavignol –  a famous chevre Salers – never tried this one, but very similar to Cantal, which we like … Continue reading

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Another Successful Adventure

The town of Fontainbleau has a huge market three mornings a week, Sunday being the biggest. We’ve been many times with Mary and Gilles, but last Sunday we ventured into it on our own. I won’t say it was without … Continue reading

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Wine in a Box

Well, it didn’t take long to fall to this level: we bought wine in a box. Now, admittedly, we did buy Wine in a Box because our friend Gilles recommended it. But still… As in almost every wine-producing region in … Continue reading

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