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Paris Visit

We went into Paris for a couple days last week. After watching the weather for a few days we realized we had a choice: Paris cool and with a chance of rain, or Paris hot. The forecast was right: this … Continue reading

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St. Malo

St. Malo sits right on the Atlantic coast, and has quite a history. Records indicate that St. Malo existed in the 1st century, and during the 1800s it became notorious as the home-base of pirates on the Atlantic. Disaster struck … Continue reading

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Once in a while we encounter a new place that we immediately fall in love with, that we know is going to be a favorite. Dinan is one of those places. We were here three nights, could have stayed longer … Continue reading

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As I pointed out in the Carnac post, we’re in the small town of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon. This is on the southeastern edge of Brittany, on Presqu’île Quiberon. Now, “presqu’île’ translates to “almost an island:” in English, a peninsula. So we have … Continue reading

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We’re in Brittany, on the Presq’ile Quiberon to be exact, staying at friends Jamie and Hervé’s beautiful house in Saint-Pierre-Quiberon. It’s beautiful here and a very enjoyable place: lots of French vacationers, beautiful beaches on both sides of the peninsula, … Continue reading

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We went to Sarlat, in the Dordogne region, after La Rochelle. Now, first off, the drive was…er…”interesting.” Because we wanted to stay off the autoroutes (highways) and drive on backroads, I put “Limoges” into the GPS, as going through Limoges … Continue reading

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