As I pointed out in the Carnac post, we’re in the small town of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon. This is on the southeastern edge of Brittany, on Presqu’île Quiberon. Now, “presqu’île’ translates to “almost an island:” in English, a peninsula. So we have water on the east side, the protected Bay of Quiberon, and water on the west side, open to the Atlantic Ocean. The west side is called, appropriately, the Côte Sauvage – the Wild Coast. It reminds us strongly of the Washington and Oregon coasts: headlands and inlets, and crashing waves.

Some pictures of the Côte Sauvage:

DSC07958 DSC07953

Laurie enjoying the scenery.

Laurie enjoying the scenery.

DSC07954 DSC07966


If you look at this picture a bit, you see a man sitting in a beach chair between two cars. He’s on a very busy road; he cannot see the beach from where he is. I guess we all have different ideas of what’s relaxing and enjoyable.

On the bay side is the pretty town of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon.


The restaurant on the left is our favorite for moules frites (mussels and fries).


It was pretty cool the day I took these pictures, and in the morning, so there are few people on the beach. On a warm sunny afternoon, it’s pretty crowded. The water temperature on the bay side is comfortable for swimming (no surf crashing in, either); the Côte Sauvage has colder water and big waves. So far, we haven’t braved either side other than getting our feet wet.

Three years ago Jamie and Hervé, who have been coming here for vacation for many years, invited us to share their rented house for a few days. Though we’re not beach people, we realized why Jamie and Hervé love it here: it’s just beautiful and relaxing and fun to be here. Last year Jamie and Hervé made it a little more permanent, buying a house here in Saint-Pierre-Quiberon. Now they can come here for vacations and long weekends. Very nice, we say; very nice. Laurie and I thank them for bringing us to this beautiful place, and for letting us stay in their beautiful house.

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  1. Susan says:

    This post and one on Carnac bring back such wonderful memories. We were there less than one year ago! So glad you that outlying area of stones. I think it may bbe the one we found, and were so excited to see.

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