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Wine in a Box

Well, it didn’t take long to fall to this level: we bought wine in a box. Now, admittedly, we did buy Wine in a Box because our friend Gilles recommended it. But still… As in almost every wine-producing region in … Continue reading

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Boring Pictures

We didn’t do anything special today; just took a drive in the country. Here are some pictures from our drive. This is the Canal du Loing, near us. Any questions about why we like to walk along the canals? We … Continue reading

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Internet – finally

Actually, Internet access in chez Zumsteg came only five days late. It was the process: – When Gilles first arranged with SFR (the provider), access was going to start May 24. – Then I got a text saying I would … Continue reading

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The Weather – What, Me Worry?

The weather has been, simply said, awful. Europe is suffering through the coolest and wettest Spring in the last 25 years. Last Friday was the coldest May 24th ever recorded in Paris, and they started recording temperatures in the mid-1800s. … Continue reading

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Note: this was Saturday, May 19 – little late posting this because of the delay in getting connected. We tried to walk around today, really we did. But though the temperature wasn’t too bad – somewhere around 55 – the … Continue reading

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Montigny sur Loing

I’ll tell you a bit about our “home” in France, Montigny sur Loing. We’re about an hour south of Paris, by train or car (but who in their right mind would drive in Paris?). The town is about 2,800 people, … Continue reading

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A word or two about Cleo, our Renault Clio4. This is a nice little car and, like its Citroen and Peugeot siblings, puts paid to the reputation that French cars deservedly earned in the United States in the 1960s. Who … Continue reading

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Canal Loing Adventure

Laurie and I have always, on our travels, been drawn to water: rivers and canals in particular. So it’s no surprise that today (May 19 – late post because of no Internet until today, May 29), the first sunny day … Continue reading

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Sorry for no posts!

I know it’s been a while, but don’t despair – posts are coming Real Soon Now. We were supposed to have Internet access at chez Zumsteg last Wednesday, then it was re-scheduled for some time between Friday and Monday, and today … Continue reading

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Montigny-sur-Loing – our Home in France

We’re here, and so far, everything’s gone just fine! The flights over passed the test for successful travel these days: they were uneventful. I know that’s a rather low bar to success, but given the quality of air travel these … Continue reading

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