Boring Pictures

We didn’t do anything special today; just took a drive in the country. Here are some pictures from our drive.

Canal du Loing 1

This is the Canal du Loing, near us. Any questions about why we like to walk along the canals?

Chateau in the fields

We came across this Renaissance chateau out in the middle of nowhere.

Field with rapeseed

Beautiful, eh? The bright yellow field is rape-seed, grown widely in France for its oil. The countryside around us looks like this for miles and miles. We can get in the car and just drive and drive on the narrowest roads we can find, and enjoy it thoroughly.

Church in Nonville

Most towns have their own, very old, Church. This is in Nonville (note: that translates as “No town.” Why would anyone name a town “No Town?”). The plaque over the door has the name of the Church and the year of its first construction: 1623.

Church in Theurzy

The Church in Treuzy. No date on this Church, but some definite Romanesque features, which puts it in the 11th or 12th centuries. It’s probably been rebuilt several times since then, but to the original design, so the Romanesque remains.


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