Today’s Cheese Purchases

I don’t think we’ll get to all the cheeses in France, but we’re making an effort. Today:

Roquefort Vernieres
Crottin de Cavignol –  a famous chevre
Salers – never tried this one, but very similar to Cantal, which we like a lot. Actually, we like all them a lot.
Tommes de Savoie – had this last week and loved it, so what the heck: we’ll have some more

We also bought a slab of paté de campagne.

Can’t wait for lunch!

Today's haul at the cheese shop.

Today’s haul at the cheese shop.

On the cheese place, clockwise from the top: Salers, Reblochon, Crottin de Cavignol, Roquefort, Tommes de Savoie. French readers are now saying, “What? Cheese and paté at lunch? On a weekday? Quelle horreur! An advantage of being non-French and on vacation: we eat what we want when we want.

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  1. Susan says:

    All of my favorite cheeses! Who needs the rest of the meal if you have great cheese and good bread. And, your cottage is just lovely. So glad your trip is going well.

    Here we are having some spectacular weather, and have been enjoying the roof

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