We Are Experiencing Technical Problems

Gotta love technology…

Checked email this morning and found two odd things: first, an email from the Internet provider that serves up this blog saying the storage for this blog was 98% full. As it’s been about a third full, something was not right; second, all emails to john@zumsteg.us and laurie@zumsteg.us between June 20 and this morning have disappeared. As in, gone.

After a long on-line chat with the first-level tech guy at my hosting provider, he turned the mess over to Tech Support, which will try to find out what’s gone wrong.

Then I discovered that all the pictures I’ve posted to the blog since June 20 are gone also. So if you look at some of the recent posts there may be placeholders instead of pictures. I will leave everything alone until Tech Support figures out what’s gone wrong.

I’ve been fiddling with computers long enough to know that those three problems – a erroneous report of storage used, lost emails and missing pictures – are not isolated, un-related incidents, especially when two of them are related to a specific date. That would be too great a coincidence to have three serious things go wrong and not be related. I’m hopeful I’ll have a fix today and all will be well.

Update: as of late Friday, almost all emails have been recovered and the pictures should be back on this blog. I haven’t received – and likely will not received – a good answer as to what went wrong, but that’s okay, as long as everything is working again. I do give credit to my hosting service, A Small Orange – yes, that’s really its name – as they had four or five people working the problem yesterday. I do know it wasn’t isolated to my account and I do know I was right – a number of directories on my site had been reset to what they contained on June 20. I’m sure any technical explanation would go right over my head.

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