La Rochette

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This morning we continued our search for les affolantes. For those who haven’t read every word of this blog, the affolantes are houses built on the banks of the Seine in the late-1800s/early-1900s, by affluent Parisiens mostly, as summer houses. They are amazing. (see Affolantes).

We went to the small village of La Rochette, which is the next town north of us here. It has a long road that goes along the Seine and there are quite a few simply beautiful houses on that road. Some are affolantes, built in the time mentioned above, others are newer. Mostly, we like the affolantes and not so much the newer homes. These houses all overlook the Seine. For some of them, trees have grown up to block the view, but others have unobstructed views of the river. (You can click on a picture to see it full-size.)

(I’ve thought about their name: les affolantes, which translates as “frightening” or “crazy.” I thought that was strange, but realized that sometimes when I see a huge, modern, 5,000 sq ft house, in the States, my response can be, “Geeze, that’s crazy,” or “Man, that is frightening!” Well, these houses were the equivalent of those modern monstrosities 125 years ago, so I understand their name.)

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