A Walk in La Rochette

As we have no rambles planned for the next two weeks, we’ll be doing lots of walks and day-trips from our home-base here in Bois-le-Roi. I’m working on a post for just Bois-le-Roi so you can see where we are spending June (I’ll do another for Samois-sur-Seine, to which we move next week). For now, though, a quick post about a walk.

Our route yesterday took us along the river in a neighboring town, La Rochette. There we saw a number of affolantes, houses that were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when this area – particularly on the Seine – became a preferred location for wealthy Parisians who could afford weekend/summer homes here. I’ve written about the affolantes before; here are pictures of some we saw yesterday.

Love the sun-room!

Now, here is a fencepost!

The Seine view from some of these houses. I could get used to it…

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4 Responses to A Walk in La Rochette

  1. Mary Germain says:

    Hi John, just to say how much we enjoy reading about our trips together and and seeing your photos and comments…love seeing it all again through someone else’s lens.
    Thanks for doing it! Next trip…Sancerre!

  2. Susan says:

    Spectacular! I really want to go to La Rochelle, after reading your wonderful posts after all of thee years.


    Faithful Reader

    • John says:

      Hi, Susan,
      A quick note to point out that this was La Rochette, not La Rochelle. We’ll be there in a month – very much looking forward to that trip. La Rochette is the town that neighbors Bois-le-Roi (our current home) to the north.

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