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We love to walk in Paris. I’m not sure there’s a better city in the world for walking, so we do a lot of walking. Here are some highlights of our walks in Paris this last week.

Berges de Seine
Berges means the banks of a river. I have, since our first visit to Paris 20 years ago, wished that there were more places to sit and watch the activity on the Seine. Well, no more will I wish that. Two weeks ago, Paris opened up a section of the river on the Left Bank, from Pont d’Alma to Pont Royale, that is 100% for sitting, walking, resting, eating, drinking and just watching. It is fabulous.

It seems that you can park anywhere in Paris as long as three things are observed:
1. There’s not a “No Parking” sign to be seen;
2. You don’t block an intersection (sometimes ignored);
3. You don’t block a crosswalk (often ignored)

This picture shows a few cars obeying the parking rules: there’s not a “No Parking” sign; they’re not blocking traffic; and they’re not blocking a crosswalk. Hence, parking like this is fine. Note that both black cars are parked here; it looks as if the right-hand one is driving around the corner, but no…it’s stationary.

Sure, no problem

Sure, no problem

Scenes from our walks…

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