We spent three days in Toulouse with Mary and Gilles. Toulouse is a big city, home to Airbus (a tour guide asked us where we all were from and when Laurie and I said, “Seattle,” her immediate response was, “Oh…Boeing”). Lots of interesting things to see, a river to walk by, a canal in the middle of town, and many beautiful buildings. Toulouse is known as the “Rose City” for it’s buildings of reddish-pink brick. We enjoyed Toulouse. I’m not going to write a lot about it; just show some pictures.

Now that’s a spire! Toulouse Cathedral – all brick!


Gilles spotted this unassuming doorway in the middle of Toulouse…

…and found this beautiful little church.

This room is in Toulouse’s City Hall. Pretty nice, eh?

Here’s where civil marriage ceremonies take place in Toulouse. We know someone who was married here! William and Mathilde, Mary and Gilles’ son and daughter-in-law, were married in this room.

We love beautiful bridges.

Toulouse has a serious market!

This market goes for probably half a mile, and runs six days a week.

Cherries? We got ’em. Mountains of cherries! It’s cherry season right now; they are fabulous.

Some random Toulousienne buildings.

First floor…

…and second floor. Simple decorating ideas.


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