First stop on our first ramble: Brive-la-Galliard, in the Dordogne region. We stayed a night here to break up the long drive to the southwest, and we were glad we did stop. An old town, Brive is working to make itself attractive to folks, rather than just letting the town fade away. The first step seems to have been a common one: get cars out of the historic area. As a result, it’s easy to stroll around the beautiful buildings of the downtown area, and so that’s what we did.

A great change to downtown areas: pedestrianized streets.

Gotta love Romanesque architecture.

Cathedral in Brive.

Beautiful Church steps in the Brive cathedral.

For very skinny people only!

A building - an old building in Brive-la-Galliard.

And a relatively modern building. Beautiful, I think.

I’m not sure we’d make a special trip to Brive, but it was a nice overnight stay. Brive represents lots of French towns, with beautiful buildings and excellent restaurants; a great place to just walk around and absorb Frenchness!
Next stop: the Gers region, specifically the area around Nérac.

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2 Responses to Brieve-la-Galliard

  1. Carol Nelson says:

    So many gems in French architecture!!!

  2. Susan says:

    Hi, John, and hi, Laurie-

    Your posts are so enticing, I want to start packing now. I just love the views of the bastide towns.

    It seems that you are having a fantastic trip. Continue to have a bon voyage, et au revoir.

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