Off Yet Again – 2016 Edition

Yes, we are heading off to France again this summer, so stay tuned and I’ll post updates on what we’re doing. We’ll be gone a shorter time this year: three months in France, and five days coming and going in New York, visiting Craig and Annie and getting serious grandkid-squeezing time with Clara and Henry. Our basic time-line:

May 29 – off to New York
June 3 – New York to Paris (again on my favorite airplane, the gigantic Airbus A380)
September 3 – back to New York
September 9 – back to Seattle

We’re vagabonds this year, doing more moving around that we’d like, but what the heck, it’s moving around in France and that’s not all bad. We’ll make rambles to Bordeaux, where we’ve never been (we hear they have wine there), and the small town of Monpazier and Cahors, then house-sit for the month of July in Samois-sur-Seine, where we were last summer. In July we’ll also return to our favorite town in France (and maybe our favorite town in the world), La Rochelle, then a few days in the Dordogne Valley. In August we’ll stay in Brittany for a week, visiting the town of Dinan for a few days, and renewing our love affair with Saint-Pierre-Quiberon. We hope to be able to visit Paris a few times, too; we’ve said that there’s something very cool about trying to plan an upcoming week or two and having “let’s go into Paris for a few days” as one of the options.

That’s Summer, 2016 for les Zumsteg. I can set you up to receive an email when I post something, so leave a comment or send me an email ( if you’d like me to do that.

À bientôt!

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  1. Laura says:

    Buonjoir Jean! Yes set me up for the email notification please 😊

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