Recital on a Houseboat

Really. Sunday, we were invited to a piano and voice recital on a houseboat in the beautiful small town of Saint-Mammès. Here’s a picture of the boat, from across the river:


The recital was piano and songs from the Belle Epoque (Beautiful Age), which is generally considered to be from around 1870 to the start of World War 1. The music was excellent and the setting unique. Only problem was that when we felt moved, we weren’t sure whether is was by the music or the wake of a passing boat.

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  1. Carol Nelson says:

    It’s delightful following your blog! I don’t suppose your walks are the fast-paced exercise walks I’m accustomed to with Laurie!! By the way, it’s challenging to keep up the pace without our longer-legged companion along. Hope both good weather systems (here and there) stick around for a while!! Your yard is growing like a jungle!!


    • John says:

      Hi Carol,

      Good to hear from you! We are eating rhubarb tonight from Mary’s garden–she taught me to serve it over a rich yogurt, with gingersnap cookies crumbled into the yogurt and the stewed rhubarb on top, with warm honey on top of that!

      I’ve looked through the recipes I brought and I can’t find your rhubarb meringue torte–would you be good enough to send that to me please? I know that Mary and Gilles would love it.

      I’ll post a kitchen blog sometime–it’s been kind of a kick cooking here.

      Let me know if Joanne Flagel had a good time in Paris–I think they were here for the dreadful weather, unfortunately.

      I need to do yoga again soon or I will have forgotten my whole routine! Please say hi to everyone at yoga for me.


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