Les Germains

Laurie tells me that a number of blog readers know our friends Mary and Gilles Germain, so she’s asked me to post some pictures of Mary and Gilles and their family. As the whole family was in Bois-le-Roi this last weekend, with the exception of son-in-law Fabien, here goes.

The family gathered in stages. First, grandson Christian and son-in-law Fabien arrived. After a couple days Fabien left for home in Singapore and Mary & Gilles took over full-time grandparent duties. Here’s Gilles reading with Christian (3-1/2 years old).



Christian’s mother, Anne, arrived a few days later, then William and Mathilde brought the newest grandchild –  Claire, nine months. We visited Mathilde and Claire one morning when all the Germains were doing family business:

DSC06035-1At the end of the week, Eric came down from his Paris digs, and we had a family dinner (family plus us, that is).

DSC06298-6Les Germain sat (and stood) for a family portrait.

DSC06168-2That’s: Gilles & Mary, Anne and Christian, William, Claire and Mathilde, and Eric.

I think Eric was about three when the Germains lived in Boulevard Lane. It was then that we got to know them. Thirty-five years ago…yikes!

And a couple of pictures of the next generation. Christian and Claire getting to know each other:

DSC06210-5 DSC06202-4

Laurie and Claire getting to know each other:


Claire checking things out:

DSC08683-1Anything better than baby’s feet?

DSC06184-3This is a wonderful family. Laurie and I are pleased and honored to have been included in their family gathering.







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2 Responses to Les Germains

  1. Mary Germain says:

    John, thank you for this lovely post with beautiful photos! We are honored to be featured in your blog!

  2. Margaret Geffrey says:

    What fun to see their grown family and what a great photographer!! Yes, I remember Eric at age three with a full head of curly hair and smelling fabulous, having
    just finished with Mary’s perfume I’m guessing.

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