Okay, phew! I finally got my pictures of Bourges ready for a post. Hard work, you know!

Bourges is a mid-sized city about two hours south of us. For tourists, its attractions are a beautiful, HUGE Gothic cathedral, and many medieval buildings that have been preserved, or restored to medieval condition, making it a great walking-around town. It also was the home-base of Jacques Coeur, who must be the most unknown powerful man ever. No one knows of him, but in the mid-1400s, he and his companies were essentially the French economy. Jacques Coeur had – and exercised – the power that the King of France could only wish he had.

Jacques Coeur built a beautiful Gothic house in Bourges. It remains the biggest and best example of Gothic architecture in a private residence. It’s thought that he never actually lived here, though his long-suffering wife and kids did while he was off gallivanting around the world on his commercial and diplomatic missions.

The front of the house also has what are thought to be busts of Jacques Coeur and his wife. These are on either side of the front door of the house. Maybe they weren’t getting along at the time…

Because Jacques Coeur made much of his considerable fortune in shipping, his house pays honor to his ships in a number of places.

Bourges Cathedral

Some pictures from Bourges

Bourges – another city we would return to visit in a minute. We’re never going to see all France, because we keep finding these places to which we want to return, which means we don’t have time for new places. Such a dilemma…

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3 Responses to Bourges

  1. Carol Nelson says:

    Wow! VERY much like your front door in Renton!!

  2. Margaret Geffrey says:

    These photos are so great. The cathedral is magnificent; I can only imagine its construction. Did you notice a pipe organ? Imagine the reverberation those walls and ceilings would create!!

    • John says:

      When the night pictures were taken, someone was playing the Cathedral organ. We could hear it loud and clear from outside, but the Cathedral itself was closed, so we couldn’t get in to listen. It was pretty powerful even from the outside.

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