Last Berlin Clara Post

We leave Berlin tomorrow, back to Paris, so here’s a final Clara post from Berlin.

A wrap-up of Berlin…
I doubt we would have ever come to Berlin had it not been for Craig and Annie moving here in 2008. For that, we are grateful to them, because we really like Berlin. Its many-layered history fascinates us, in all its manifestations of buildings, monuments, cemeteries, parks, streets and ghosts around every corner. Craig and Annie and Clara will almost certainly be moving back to the States in the next six-nine months, so this is probably our last night in Berlin. But this city will always hold wonderful memories for Laurie and me, of Berlin itself, and of the wonderful times we’ve had here with Craig and Annie and Clara.

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2 Responses to Last Berlin Clara Post

  1. Shalea says:

    WOW…you all look so relaxed and carefree. And the gorgeous red hair & dimples — absolutely LOVE IT 😉

  2. Carla M says:

    I made the photo of Laurie and Clara sitting in the window as my desktop photo at work. Lovely!

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