Laurie est à la retraite

Hard to believe, but after twenty years, Laurie retired last Monday. Tuesday she was pretty exhausted, both physically – from cleaning out her desk – and emotionally – from having everyone in the library, co-workers and patrons, come to say good-bye to her.

It will take her some getting used to it, certainly. We were talking about doing something and she said that we should wait until the weekend; I pointed out that, from now on, every day is a weekend day. “Oh…yeah…that’s right…”

Tonight is the going-away party. Her colleagues decided to do it on a Friday off-site so they could have a real party, rather than treats in a library meeting room. Should be fun…no really, library parties can be fun. Honestly.

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  1. Larry says:

    Ok – got ya bookmarked in my browser now. I’m buckled in, my seat tray is stowed and the captain has asked the flight attendants to prepare the cabin for departure. Now let’s get this bird in the air, Zummies!

    Can’t wait to read more!

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